Soul Charters

We'll create space for you,

surrounded by the limitless blue.

birds eye view of the ocean

A Soul Charters journey is a voyage where you don’t only get away. You come home to yourself, too.

The sea is the sanctuary. The yacht is the setting. And we are your anchors helping you move to your rhythm as the ocean unveils new depths.

Hosting a retreat shouldn’t exhaust you. It should revitalise you and be a sacred step on your own personal journey. We ensure you leave feeling as energised and empowered as your guests – often even more so.

As your retreat curators, we take care of the finer details so you can focus on hosting the purest experience. We’ll match you to your yacht, handle the bookings and prep, and be a grounding presence right through to the final farewell.

You’ll be able to truly let go. To immerse your senses and guide your guests through a transformative offering as we float along the oceanic oasis. Think first light overlooking the expansive waters, innate open-heart sessions on sunkissed decks and nurturing meals under the stars.

With our unwavering support, you too can go deeper. You are free to play, dance and be joyful. You’ll discover an invigorating platform to disconnect from the distractions on land, and welcome the connection of soul and body at sea.


Consider us your compass, instinctually guiding you towards your ultimate storyline at sea.

We invite you to dream.

Take a deep dive into your desires. It’s time to unlock the extraordinary. With the world’s oceans at our fingertips, your retreat is not limited to one location or yacht. Feel the warm trade winds as you glide through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, anchor down among the archipelago of white-sanded tropical islands in the Whitsundays or admire the breathtaking backdrops as you journey down the idyllic Adriatic Coast. Set your intention, and we’ll steer you to success.

We connect and gather.

We join – and so do the dots. Fill us in on your divine details and we’ll begin bringing it to life. Together with your vision, and our experience, we’ll choose a meaningful Soul Charters storyline, yacht and destination. Leave the booking, admin and planning to us – we’ll make sure everyone and everything is onboard and ready to go. Hearts full, minds open. You’ve entered a supportive synergy.

We set the scene.

While you finetune your retreat content, we’ll get to work creating your setting. We’ll perfect your stylish touches, greet your guests and take care of the safety briefing. Our decades of experience working in these luxury spaces allows us to handle the technicalities – and leaves you to soak up the experience. Now you can seamlessly surrender to your work. Your sea stage awaits.

And together, we celebrate.

Embrace the exhilaration of completion. The opportunity to exhale wholeheartedly without the usual exhaustion. You’ve conquered, connected and returned to your heart along with your guests. Our commitment to you continues as we organise your festivities. You’re free to reflect, release and cheer. Step into the moment and honour the work you’ve unearthed. The ocean has revealed new depths.

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Together we keep it real.

We offer a space for people to find and feel for themselves. To experience their own being and to be in a relationship with the sea in whatever ways that happens for them. We’re here to cut through the mounting nonsense in the retreat world – a sad aspect where people often forget what being a witness to another is all about. The sea is the ultimate witness, and we mirror her.

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Leone and Athena enjoying one another's company at the beach.