Connected by heart. Created with love.

Our souls knew it first. We met and bonded at a weeklong retreat among an incredible group of women who gathered in circle together and accepted each other absolutely. It is no coincidence the grounding of Soul Charters was a place where true heart connections were reunited, encouraging profound work to begin.

During our chats we uncovered our shared decades of experience in yachting. We both understood and loved that world – and knew we would return to the sea again. That part of our lives was not yet complete, and meeting each other showed us how this next chapter would unfold.

For us, this venture is a naturally inspired creation spurred by the joy and adventure we both have in our lives and the connection we’re cultivating in our friendship. Together we keep it real. We offer a space for people to find and feel for themselves. To experience their own being and to be in a relationship with the sea in whatever ways that happens for them.

We’re here to cut through the mounting nonsense in the retreat world – a sad aspect where people often forget what being a witness to another is all about. The sea is the ultimate witness, and we mirror her.

There’s a naturalness to the way we relate. The way we pause for each other and truly listen without judgement because we’re both so strong in our individuality – not in spite of it. Like waves in the ocean, we’re stronger together.

Meet Leone

“I love the polarity of the vastness and the smallness and the endlessness of the ocean all rolled into one. It is true journeying for the soul as you traverse the sea to get to where you are going.”

Being at sea reminds Leone she is part of something much bigger than herself. She feels free, expanded and at home.

Hailing from the east coast of Australia, she’s no stranger to the ocean’s depths. Her yachting adventures have taken her aboard four yachts in roles spanning stewardess, chief stewardess and assistant purser. She’s completed five Atlantic crossings, four Caribbean seasons, six Mediterranean seasons and spent almost two years working in Central America. She’s passed the Panama Canal four times and made her longest voyages from LA to Gibraltar and St Andrews to Barcelona.

Add hotel school in Switzerland, personal coaching and a career in technology and you’ll understand how Leone has forged meaningful connections wide and far. Her soul always staring at the stars, feet on the ground, eyes on the prize. She knows the value of giving the gift of herself, and when she’s in your room you’ll experience her vibrant hush that permeates a circle.

After hours you can usually find Leone at the beach with her husband and her dogs, thinking of new foods to cook and eat, dancing the bachata and listening to the sounds of her own soul.

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Meet Athena

“I feel a deep sense of home when I’m in the middle of the ocean. There really is nothing as exciting as leaving port, looking back as the land fades into the horizon, and the next day waking to the vast blue surrounds.”

Athena knows the feeling that only crossing an entire ocean from one part of the world to the other can bring. The quiet, the depth and the reflection felt while in rhythm with nature.

The sea enthralled her early on. As a boat captain, her stepfather shared his love of sailing while growing up on Lake Erie. She lived aboard 50ft sailing yachts in the British Virgin Islands and Windward Islands as a teen earning her scuba credentials, and spent a season on the Red Sea gaining her rescue diver certification. She’s travelled more than 14,000 nautical miles as a stewardess on a 200ft private charter yacht, crossed the Atlantic twice, and made a daring journey through Pirate Alley via the Suez Canal while en route from the Mediterranean to the Seychelles off the east coast of Africa.

Athena is a multifaceted master of body, mind and heart. She’s a martial artist, has run her own wellness business for more than 25 years and spent her early career working in finance after graduation. Filled with joy, wisdom and kindness, she witnesses and holds you in her presence so you can feel the beauty and freedom of fully being yourself.

You’re likely to spot Athena around Chicago delving into her steel mace training, learning improv at Second City, moving her body to yoga or West African dance and belly laughing around the fire pit with good friends.

A profile photo of Athena