Deep Blue Dream

The element of water.

Are you ready to truly explore all that the Ocean can offer as an expansive and infinite gathering space? 

We herald this soul charter as the most mysterious of them all.  Through the element of water we invoke deep dreaming and soul motion to uncover feelings and unrealized intentions lying dormant. From this depth we surface with clarity to find joy, play with our innate sense of pleasure renewed.

Words for this Story Line at Sea are:  resonance, natural, community, you, me, us, togetherness, inner compass, exploration, outer reflections.

Be surrounded by the natural elements that support this journey like dolphins, whales, the stars, & the oceans depths. 

On-board we will support you and your guests with the perfect playlist and offerings like lavender spray on silk pillow cases and foods that delight with robust flavors …

Upon completion of this soul charter you will feel more present, more yourself, more at home in your own skin. 

On this adventure we source locations that will provide still anchorages and unparalleled diverse and expansive sea scenery. 
Locations:  Caribbean 

Timeframes:  November – March, 5-9 days cruising  

Boat Types:  Sail Yachts, Catamarans, Motor Yachts.   

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