Maiden Voyage

Details coming soon!

Deep Blue Dream

The element of water. Are you ready to truly explore all that the Ocean can offer as an expansive and infinite gathering space?  We herald this soul charter as the most mysterious of them all.  Through the element of water we invoke deep dreaming and soul motion to uncover feelings and unrealized intentions lying dormant. From this depth we surface with clarity to… Read more >

Siren Song

The element of fire.   Spark to Life with the sultry and salty deliciousness of being free and at sea!   The secret of this soul charters experience is drawn from the element of fire.  We will voyage through soft pink sunrises into fiery red sunsets, taking pause at beautiful anchorages. .  This soul charters adventure is designed to create the perfect hideaway space for sessions to unfold.  Wile away… Read more >

Tridents Treasure

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Star and Sea

The element of air. Where worlds meet, gaze upon the horizon line at Sea and let yourself drift out into the velvety black stars.  If you are ready to have the right kind of lift-off from the inside out, Star and Sea is your kind of soul charters journey. Grounded in the element of Air we… Read more >

Ocean Queen

The fifth element. Are you looking to co-create an Ocean adventure in a truly unique and real way?  This is our premier soul charters offering.   The scene is set for a next level gathering of your making.  The seascapes will be idyllic with many opportunities to surprise and delight.  The Ocean Queen is where we… Read more >

Article: On Life and Living

By Leone … Quite often I wake in the early morning when it is still dark, and the first sound I hear is the roar of the Sea. I am fortunate to live very close to a beautiful surf beach.  At this time of day hearing the sea-sound in the back-ground my senses can gather… Read more >