Ocean Queen

The fifth element.

Are you looking to co-create an Ocean adventure in a truly unique and real way? 

This is our premier soul charters offering.   The scene is set for a next level gathering of your making.  The seascapes will be idyllic with many opportunities to surprise and delight.  The Ocean Queen is where we curate from a place of recognition of all 5 elements, holding the fifth element at the heart-centre. Cruising in waters and locations that will invite the outcome to come forward, this adventure at Sea will behold what life-at-sea has to offer.  Imagine – Feel – Behold. 

The words for this Story Line at Sea are: dance, dream, enliven, awake, hold, release, laugh, cry, renew, nature, remember, be, alive, invitation, ancient and new as one, completion, joyfulness, surrender, softness, co-creative, intrepid, true worth, inclusive, sovereign. 

Be surrounded by the natural elements that support this journey where the instincts of nature match and reflect all that can be offered in this Ocean Dreaming retreat. 

On-board we will support you and your guests by being fully aligned and present, to hold with tenderness a transformative ocean space for all to dive in. 

Upon completion of this soul charter the smiles radiating from the inside will be what sets the world alight.   

Locations:  name your location. 

Timeframes:  5-12 days of cruising, timing depends on location. 

Boat Types:  All. 

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