Article: On Life and Living

By Leone

Quite often I wake in the early morning when it is still dark, and the first sound I hear is the roar of the Sea. I am fortunate to live very close to a beautiful surf beach.  At this time of day hearing the sea-sound in the back-ground my senses can gather and land before my day in the external world begins.  Using my physical body I listen deeply to the past, present and future.  I listen from a place of witnessing.  I listen for things that can only be whispered.  For things that can only be felt.  I listen to hear things that I am ready to hear.  To know things I am ready to know.   To remember.  It is an open process, no questions, no answers.  Just me listening to Life.  Listening because I can hear. 

The conduit for this is the Ocean I live close to, my connection to that Ocean, and how my body responds to the vast body of water that mysteriously witnesses me and my senses.

This morning while listening, sensing and feeling the understanding and remembering that revealed itself to me was ‘How Much Of Life Is Truly Flowing Through You’, ‘How Much of Life Can You Handle’, How Much of Life Do You Want’.  While these are written here as questions, when I hear them, they are presented from the space of gentle enquiry, they do not land as big booming questions that must be answered here and now.  More so, they feel like a river that is flowing by, with me sitting on the river banks in readiness to be present to these whispers. 

Commensurate with the statements about The Flowing of Life, was the direct connection to the flow of money.  The flow of currency.  Where it comes from, where it flows too, how fast and steady is it, or is it a trickle?

Unexpectedly the receiving I was now witnessing was about Me, Life, Money, Currency, Flow.  It just landed and it has roots.  It was like a boat that had been drifting at Sea for quite some time, but now it had beached itself on the shore.  To be a beacon of truth and understanding for me and my journey. 

I had heard this faint whispering before.  But this time when it arrived the wind was behind it, the land was holding it, the sea was present, my heart flame was awake, and I was being moved through my physical body to listen.  All of the 5 elements were carrying this to my threshold. 

The gravity was different.  It was destiny at my doorstep.  Even if I didn’t want to know I was going to discover it anyway.  And this morning was the first step. 

Personally, listening and receiving from my own inner landscape to discern what is ‘real, true and worthy’ is not easy these days.  It takes a lot to hold and trust this layer of soul offering amongst the debris of the ever-present thinking space.  But if the true me is going to thrive and deepen my strong hold in this Life, discernment is everything.    Discernment is my bow, my arrow and my target.

The lofty questions remain in the space.  The boat is beached, and I am about to climb aboard.  To begin the adventure of discovery.

‘How Much Of Life Is Truly Flowing Through You’, ‘How Much of Life Can You Handle’, How Much of Life Do You Want’.

The image with this post is a photo that was taken later that morning before sunrise.