Siren Song

The element of fire.  

Spark to Life with the sultry and salty deliciousness of being free and at sea!  

The secret of this soul charters experience is drawn from the element of fire.  We will voyage through soft pink sunrises into fiery red sunsets, taking pause at beautiful anchorages. .  This soul charters adventure is designed to create the perfect hideaway space for sessions to unfold.  Wile away the long afternoons tucked-away in private locations basking in the sun.  Create vibrant and deep explorations with sparks of fun, voice and expression all held with the Sea listening on.   

The words for this Story Line at Sea are:  new life, purposeful, presence, transformative, expressive, celebration, witness, vibrant, strength, roar, real, rejuvenate. 

Be surrounded by the natural elements that support this journey like sunrises, sunsets, silky waters, quiet drifting, natural movement. 

Onboard we will support you and your guests by carrying forward the siren song essence through music, celebration and alive moments to regroup. 

The completion of this soul charter will unleash your inner Siren to be free, create and play in any of Life’s arena with the Sea as your ultimate companion. 

Locations: Pacific Rim 

Timeframes: February- September, 5-9 days cruising 

Boat Types:  Sail Yachts, Catamarans, Motor Yachts. 

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