Star and Sea

The element of air.

Where worlds meet, gaze upon the horizon line at Sea and let yourself drift out into the velvety black stars. 

If you are ready to have the right kind of lift-off from the inside out, Star and Sea is your kind of soul charters journey. Grounded in the element of Air we hold a special space for this offering because it weaves the plentitude of potential that only the air element can present.   Soul Charters itself was born from the Star and Sea element.  The backdrop for this offering will be expansive, vast, yet contained in a Shell where seeds for new life can be birthed at Sea. 

The words for this are: inspiration, insight, sacred, potential, gentleness, new directions, whsipers, connections, movement, emotion, love, heart-felt. 

Be surrounded by the natural elements that support this journey like the sun, ocean breeze, fresh sea air, the impulse to shift as only the wind can invoke. 

Onboard we will support you and your guests with natural, allowing and very present moment space holding, this is where last minute magic can transform. 

Upon completion this soul charter will deliver clean and new spaces, a clearing of the decks, a fresh feel with the ever-lasting sense of the constant moving element of Air. 

Locations: Indian Ocean

Timeframes:  September – April, 5- 10 days cruising.

Boat Types:  Motor Yachts, Sail Yachts, Catamarans.

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